Favelas protest "Stop Killing Us"



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"On Sunday, May 27, protesters packed Ipanema beach for an act of public resistance. The "Parem de Nós Matar" @atoparemdenosmatar (literally, Stop Killing Us) protests arose in response to the death of community trash collector William Mendonça dos Santos of the Vidigal favela in Rio's South Zone.
Activists and community members mourned Santos, along with the late musician Evaldo Rosa dos Santos, the community jiu-jitsu professor Jean Rodrigo Aldravante, the informal trash collector Luciano Macedo, the 17-year old student Lucas Brás, and hundreds of others murdered by state security forces.
Rio police have now killed more than 558 people since the beginning of 2019, the highest level recorded since data is available. RioOnWatch stands in solidarity with the victims of police violence." Photos by Daiana Contini. Caption by RioOnWatch (a project of Catalytic Communities).

Time shot: 26.05.2019
Time posted: 28.05.2019
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