Romanian Presidential Election - second round, in UGC photos

by Newsroom 2019-11-25 12:24:21

Romanian Presidential election. Diaspora overwhelms with record participation. Romanian voters disappoint - less than 50 percent of registered voters casting ballots.

25 November. Copenhagen. Newsroom 

With almost 100 percent of the ballots counted, it is clear that the Liberal Party endorsed candidate, Klaus Iohannis, will be Romania’s President for the next five years. 

The current head of state won in a landslide, with 65.88 percent, according provisional estimations of the Romanian Central Election Office (BEC). 

His opponent, the former Prime-Minister Viorica Dăncilă, only gathered 34.12 percent of the total votes. The social democrat candidate managed to win in only 5 out of 41 Romanian counties. Dăncilă lost in regions considered by analysts as social democrat loyalists.

An aged voter in Timisoara, Romania | Photo: Cornel Putan / IndieFrame (get instant photo-rights)

Electronic system used for the voting process at Romanian Presidential Elections 2019 | Photo: Cornel Putan / IndieFrame (get instant photo-rights)

The situation dramatically changed outside Romania’s borders. If in Romania the social democrat candidate managed to to gather more than one third of the ballots, the situation dramatically shifted outside Romanian borders. Klaus Iohannis was voted by approximately 94 percent of people. The most votes were cast in Italy(190.328), the UK (170.763) and Germany (154.419)

Romanian nationals voting in Malmö, Sweden | Photo: Alex Ghiorghiu / IndieFrame

Romanians waiting to vote at the Romanian Embassy in Prague, Czechia | Photo: Marius Suteanu/ IndieFrame

A man in wheelchair votes in Malmö, Sweden | Photo: Alex Ghiorghiu / IndieFrame

After a blunder of the social-democrat candidate, who used the word ”ăștia” (editor’s note: those people) while talking about Romanians living abroad, sparked a silent protest. Some of the voters wore shirts with the #ăștia written on them.

With three days to vote for the next President, the Romanian Diaspora broke the attendance record, with 944.077 people casting ballots in the 838 voting stations opened abroad. In the previous elections, only 378.811 people voted, in an electoral process marked by long queues, which resulted in many Romanians not being able to vote.

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