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by Newsroom 2019-11-11 11:05:04

Romanians living abroad attended in record numbers for the first round of the Presidential elections. 

Almost 700.000 people voted in the 835 polling stations outside Romania’s borders, according to Romanian Central Election Office BEC. 14 candidates ran for the Presidential Office. 

According to official estimations, Klaus Iohannis, Romania’s current head of state, got a landslide victory in Diaspora, with more than 53% of the votes. 

Almost 120.000 Romanian citizens voted in the United Kingdom, with almost half of the ballots being cast in London. 

Considered to be the highest Romanian populated city abroad, more than 54.000 people voted in the 18 polling stations arranged in the UK capital city. 

London, UK, 08.11.2019 | Romanian flag hanged near one of the voting stations | Photo: Tiberiu Popescu / IndieFrame

10.468 Romanian nationals voted in Denmark - with the majority of votes (2010) being cast in Copenhagen. Aarhus was second on the voting map, with 1531 people voting in the 3 days of election. 

Romanian Presidential election in Copenhagen , 09.11.2019| Photo: Mada.lene / IndieFrame

25.189 votes were cast trough mail, which represents a first time in the Romanian electoral process. 

 According to official statistics, over 7.500.000 people voted in the first round of the elections. Klaus Iohannis (Liberal Party) gathered 36.65% of the ballots. Viorica Dăncilă (Social Democratic Party) was voted by 23.79% of the people. 

The former Prime Minister and the Head of The Social Democratic Party, will run agains the current President for the second round of elections, on November 24th.

Klaus Iohannis garnered 38.7 percent of votes | Archive photo: Amariei Dani / IndieFrame

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