Clinic for severe burn injuries opened in Romania 4 years after #Colectiv fire

by Newsroom 2019-10-11 10:59:55

Almost four years passed since Colectiv nightclub fire, a deadly fire in Bucharest, Romania, that killed 64 on 30th October 2015. 

Overwhelmed by the high number of victims and lack of hospital facilities, the authorities transferred the victims in Western EU countries abroad. 

Massive protests over the corruption linked to the fire led to the resignation of the PM at the time.

Timisoara, 09.10.2019

Special section for severely burn injured opens in presence of Romanian Minister of Health Sorina Pintea (see cover photo by Cornel Putan / IndieFrame)

Fully equipped clinic for burnt victims is opened in western city of Timisoara. Investment comes form World Bank and Local Council, through Romanian Ministry of Health.

Photos: Cornel Putan