Greek demo burns US flag during Secretary's Pompeo visit

by Newsroom 2019-10-06 11:36:42

05.10.2019 - Athens, Greece

US Secretary of State Mr Mike Pompeo visited Greece, where he met Prime Minister Mitsotakis, Foreign Minister Dendias, and Defence Minister Panagiotopoulos. 

The visit of the US Secretary of State was not well received by some of the Greek population, who gathered to protest in Athens, in front of the USA Embassy in Greece.

NATO and US flags were burnt during the protest, who was little mediatised in the international press. An increased number of riot police units was present to defend the Embassy building. 

Photo-report by Giorgos Panagakis / IndieFrame

Greeks show 'Pompeo, go home!' signs 

Demonstrators burning an USA flag In front of the American Embassy In protest against the visit of Secretary of State Michael Pompeo

Burning the US flag, Athens 05.10.2019

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