Animal farm violence in Denmark brought to attention by IndieFrame video

by Newsroom 2019-04-03 11:56:49

Danish animal rights organisation Anima brings into spotlight sensitive issue of violent killings of sick piglets as common practice at the farms producing meat for public consumption. 

The video that triggered media attention was filmed two years ago by a farm employee in Jutland, who claims he was forced to kill the piglets in cold blood in order to keep his job. 

He eventually uploaded the smartphone video to IndieFrame app in order to raise an alarm signal on the practice.

Video: @illa_bv / IndieFrame | Published by on Vimeo.

The video was highly mediatised last week by Danish radio ( Radio24syv ), television (TV2), written press (BT online) and several web portals, generating debate on the subject.

Around 5,000 pig farms in Denmark produce approx. 28 million pigs annually, according to Danish Agriculture and Food Council. 

Danish pig meat industry is one of the largest in the EU, but ethical questions concerning animal treatment are still trying to find legit answers.

:: cover photo: @jenspanduro / IndieFrame ::