Brazil's anti femicide march on Women's Day 2019 in photos

by Ioan Pupila 2019-03-10 13:26:08

Thousands marched for women's rights, against government in Brazil, on Internationla Women's Day 2019.

Protestors denounced gender violence and sexual discrimination, in a country that has the fifth highest rate of femicide in the world. 

Last year elected right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro, has repeatedly used rhetoric widely seen as sexist and racist.

08.03.2019, Rio de Janeiro | Thousands gathered around the streets of Candelaria in the Centro of Rio de Janeiro to show their commitment to the feminist fight, or "luta" as it is called in Portuguese 

 Photo and description: Diana Contini / IndieFrame [get photo rights]

Loud calls and chants for increased female solidarity among the demonstrators, most of whom were women. 

Many demonstrators carried banners paying tribute to Brazilian councilwoman and activist Marielle Franco, who was assassinated almost a year ago in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, a crime that remains unsolved.

Brazilian woman holds sign in solidarity with Marielle Franco in Rio de Janeiro, 08.03.2019 | Photo: Diana Contini [get photo-rights]

The black feminist movement was also strongly represented at the rally in Rio.

Black woman participates at Rio WD rally, 08.03.2019 | Photo: Diana Contini /IndieFrame [get photo rights]

Black women with megaphones at Rio WD rally, 08.03.2019 | Photo: Diana Contini/IndieFrame [get photo rights]

Feminist activists from 'Resistencia' hold public speeches on femicide issue | Photo: Diana Contini / IndieFrame [get photo rights]

More than 11,000 Brazilian women have filed report of violence to police in the first two months of this year, a 19.9 percent increase compared to the same period last year, the Brazilian government reported Friday, 8th of March 2019.

Young Brazilian woman holds anti-patriarchy sign in Rio, International Women's Day 2019 | Photo: Diana Contini / IndieFrame [get photo rights]

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