Top 5 #WallFrame photos of the week

by Newsroom 2019-03-08 13:10:10

On IndieFrame, you can easily upload and sell your best photos to private individuals, media and businesses, in printed and framed formats. 

Our photo project is called #WallFrame and anyone who uses the tag while uploading photos on IndiaFrame app or web, can join. You can also use the Assignment to get your photo works noticed to media all around the world. 

Tens of independent photographers joined WallFrame this week. Here are the editor's weekly choices:


1. Budapest, Hungary - Hungarian Parliament building from Elisabeth lookout | Photo: Mark Vincze

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2.  The 'Iceberg' (Isbjerget) buildings in Aarhus, Denmark | Photo: Gitte Vinum

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3. Railway | Photo: Kasper Bloch Madsen

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4. Bicycle commuter at dawn, Romania | Photo:Gabriel Brezeanu 

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5. Abandoned bottleneck | Photo: Birk

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