Empowering photos of women around the world, standing for their rights

by Lars Brask Frederiksen 2019-02-15 15:33:28

IndieFrame photo-reporters around the world caught on camera unique moments when women are fighting for their rights. Here's a short editorial selection of top 10 images:

1. Women march for peace and gun control in New York, U.S. at 'March for our lives' , 24.03.2018 | Photo - Benjamin Kodbol, IndieFrame |get rights here

2.Topless woman wearing burqua protests against muslim veil ban in Copenhagen, Denmark | Photo: Lars Vibild, IndieFrame |get rights here|

3. Girls going to school in Kibera Slums, Kenya. Few years ago, only men had access to proper education in the poor areas of Nairobi. Education inequity issue changed and now most young women choose to go to school. As a positive effect, the number of women involved in Drug abuse and early childhood teenage pregnancies drastically decreased 

Photo and description by Donwilson Odhiambo, IndieFrame | 21.01.2018 | get photo rights here|

4. Teacher with megaphone during #OK18 protests against education cuts in Copenhagen, Denmark, 17.04.2018 | Photo: @lcvbild | get photo-rights here |

5. A woman is hitting the drum during a "March for Freedom" demonstration against the ruling government in Warsaw, Poland, 12.05.2018 | Photo: Ivan Mezhui, IndieFrame | get photo rights |

6. Woman holds Greek flag on her face to protect from tear gas bombs during anti-Govt. protest in Athens, Greece, 16.06.2018 | Photo: Giorgos Panagakis, IndieFrame | get rights |

7. Woman leads the crowd during Global Marijuana March 2017, Copenhagen | Photo: Frank Zlatko Wuich, IndieFrame | get rights|

8. Woman holds smartphone lights in Bucharest, Romania, to signal anti-corruption fight at biggest protest since 1989 Revolution against communist regime, February 2017

Photo: Alex Socol, IndieFrame | get photo rights|  

9. Girl holds placard against animal abuse and meat consumption in Athens, Greece | Photo - Eleni Paroglou, IndieFrame |get photo rights|

10. Smolensk, Russia, 2017 - Girl holds Orwell's 1984 book at protest for freedom of speech, after Alexei Navalny opposition leader's arrest   

Photo: Sergei Komandirov, IndieFrame | get photo rights |

COVER PHOTO: 'March for our lives 2018', NY, Benjamin Kodbol / IndieFrame