WallFrame for independent photographers who want to sell digital photos in fine print!

by Newsroom 2019-02-11 12:04:56


Digital photos are amazing, but the printed frames will always make an impression! IndieFrame now creates amazing framed posters with your best pics.

''WALLFRAME is created for amateur and professional freelance photographers who can now sell their images to both private individuals, media and businesses, but also to markets that are more niche. Like all other content on IndieFrame, it is all about authenticity. With WallFrame, real photos from independent photographers take shape, beautifully framed, and perhaps contribute to other angles of the conversations around the dining table.'' - Cecilia Valsted, IndieFrame co-founder


It's super-easy: Upload your own best photos (in a high enough quality for printing in size 70 * 50) to indieframe.com (multiple upload available) or directly from smartphone with Android and iOS Apps, tag #wallframe in the photo-description and you are automatically registered. When one of IndieFrame clients buys a photo, you will be notified and rewarded for the value of the photo you indicated in the price field.

:: ask for info on pricing and how wall frame works on our contact form!