Street artists seen through lenses of passersby around the world

by Newsroom 2019-01-11 12:17:39

They're filling our cities streets with joy and beauty, transforming daily life routines into spaces of reflection and celebration. 

Modern buskers and street artists are part of the collective self-expression of urban communities, and a source of spontaneous entertainment for passersby, following pre-medieval traditions of minstrels or traveling 'fools' that visited the citadel.

Here's a brief selection of photos concerning street artists, from IndieFrame citizen photographers all around the world:

Guitar street musicians in Tanzania, Africa | Photo - Craig Halliday / IndieFrame [get original]

Performance artists in Copenhagen, Denmark | Photo - @Me / IndieFrame [get original]

Movement and dance artist Dao Anh Khanh performs on the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam | Photo - Jesper Staunstrup / IndieFrame [get original]

Homeless spray paint artist in Stockholm, Sweden, uses flames to finish public art piece | Photo - @BakAsger / IndieFrame [get original]

Charlie Chaplin street artist impersonator rests after performance in Hermannstadt, Romania | Photo: Dan-Claudiu Buzdugan / IndieFrame [get original]

Street art mural in Bali, Indonesia | Photo: @verdi55 / IndieFrame [get original]

Teenager guitarist plays in bus in Alger | Photo: Rafik Mami / IndieFrame [get original]

Masked dancer during CPH Pride 2018 | Photo - @bysukro / IndieFrame [get original]

Colourful clown bending balloons in Bucharest, Romania | Photo: Viorel Seceleanu [get original]

Security guard smiles at mime during spontaneous performance in Danish supermarket | Photo: Ioan Pupila / IndieFrame [get original]

New Orleans Funeral during KBH Jazz Festival | Photo: Frank Zlatko Wuich / IndieFrame [get original]

Graffiti artist at work in Roskilde, Denmark | Photo - @lcvibild / IndieFrame [get original]

'One man band' entertains children in Kibera Slums, Kenya | Photo: Donwilson Odhiambo / IndieFrame [get original]

Reverend Billy (US) together with the 'Stop Shopping Choir' performs 'Tourists Against Trump' act in Syntagma Square, Athens - Greece | Photo: Giorgos Panagakis / IndieFrame [get original]

Balancing act of the fisherman in Myanmar (Inle Lake), who paddle with one leg whilst using old old technique for catching fish in the shallow water. 

The fishermen are renowned for the 'dance' and attract daily hundreds of photographers and tourists at the lake | Photo: Jakon Lee / IndieFrame [get original]

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Cover Photo by @Me