Danish authorities set to evacuate floating house community in Copenhagen | Photos

by Ioan Pupila 2018-11-08 14:57:16

Danish People's Party (DF) MEP Peter Skaarup intends to shut down and clear floating boat community in Fredens Havn - Christiania, where more than 60 currently live. 

He recently declared that the community project is ''a shame for the otherwise beautiful areas in Copenhagen Harbor, where people have settled in the fallen boats.' His decision is being backed up by Frank Jensen, Copenhagen's mayor.''

In an article from November 6, 2018, using archive photos and footage of floating structures that don't currently exist in the area, Danish media tv station reports the story from the authorities perspective.

IndieFrame smartphone reporters provided recent photos and factual observations on spot, that enlarge the perspective of the political discourse:

Floating structures in Fredens Havn harbour as seen from Copenhagen boat tours, 05.2018 | get photo |

The DIY aesthetic of the area (n.r. Christiania commune's harbour) is part of the local atmosphere and the boat tour guides include it in their presentation to tourists, when explaining about the hippie community history in the city. Freetown Christiania remains the second largest touristic destination in Copenhagen.

Floating greenhouse in Fredens Havn | get photo |

The residents are involved in several environmental sustainable projects, including growing vegetables on floating structures, and periodically cleaning the garbage that accumulates in the canal's water.

Painted floating structure and boat in Fredens Havn | get photo |

According to DF's Skaarup, one of the reasons why the floating community is misplaced, has also to do with the building of the new Michelin star restaurant Noma in the area. 

Greenhouses at Noma restaurant in Copenhagen | get photo |

Weather the small floating community (also called 'Peace Harbour') will survive or will move due to gentrification and political interventions, is about to be seen in 2019.

| Cover Photo - placing a DIY floating structure in Fredens Havn, March 2018 |