Greece bailout - first reactions from Greek citizens in photos

by Newsroom 2018-08-21 15:07:00

Greece officially exited its eight-year EU bailout programme yesterday, becoming once again a 'normal' member of the single currency, according to the Brussels authorities and Greek government who did the announcement. 

Beyond the current struggles and former austerity measures common Greeks experienced in order to (re)obtain this symbolic status, we asked smartphone citizens reporters on IndieFrame how does the situation looks like today in the country, from people's perspective.

20.08.2018 - Old Royal Palace, Athens - Hundreds demonstrated to convince Greek Government to immediately help financially the people affected by the forest fires last month.

Greeks ask their Government to subsidise citizens affected by forest fires - Photo: Giorgos Panagakis| IndieFrame

Due to financial austerity, victims of Greek forest fires in late June 2018, have still not receive support from the state. Most of the households in East Attica region have been completely destroyed.

House burnt in Mati, Greece, after the forest fires - Photo: Eleni Paraglou | IndieFrame [get photo rights here]

According to our reports from Greek IndieFrame users throughout the year, Greek pensioners are one of the highly affected social categories that suffered from the financial crisis. Their struggle still goes on, as old people in Athens are constantly fighting for their rights in the street:

Greek pensioners demonstrating in Syntagma square, Athens - Photo: Giorgos Panagakis | IndieFrame

Statistic numbers on youth immigration and unemployment are still at their high while Greece exists international bailout programmes (source - Jamie McGeever, Reuters):

  • less than 500K young people emigrated in the last 8 years
  • unemployment hit 27.8% , while youth unemployment is 60%
  • debt / GDP ballooned to 180%

Young man at a demo in Greece, 15.05.2018 | Photo - @parogloueleni 

Cotton cultivation in Thessaly, Greece - Photo: Christos Zormpas 


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Cover photo - Giorgos Panagakis