Violent clashes between police and protesters in Romania reported by citizens on IndieFrame

by Ioan Pupila 2018-08-13 11:55:20

Tens of thousands of protesters rallied against the ruling Social Democrat (PSD) government on Friday in cities across Romania and the capital Bucharest where riot police fired tear gas into the crowd and over 450 citizens needed medical attention. The protest started at the initiative of a group of Romanian expats. 

56 photo-video materials that came from IndieFrame smartphone reporters depict the provoking violence used by police, despite most protestors being peaceful, our users report. IndieFrame freelance photographer Ana Maria Gheorghe was forbidden to take photos of riot police in Victoria Square - Bucharest, and was intimidated and attacked by one of the 'Jandarmeria' riot police leaders.

Man peacefully shows riot police he got wounded in sudden altercation - Photo: Bogdan | IndieFrame - Bucharest, Romania 10.08.2018

Riot police fire tear gas into crowds and beat protesters, including women, children and elder people. In reply, groups of protesters rallied during the evening to fight the police with Molotov cocktails. The violent police actions were condemned by Romanian president Klaus Iohannis and several EU institutions for freedom of speech and human rights.

Here are some highlights of the events as captured by IndieFrame reporters on spot:

Old man is carried by medical forces after being sprayed with tear gas  - Photo: @foto.obiectiv / IndieFrame

Protestor affected by tear gas leans on the pavement in Piata Victoriei, Bucharest - Romania | Photo: Cernucan / IndieFrame

Riot police making their way through plastic bottles some protestors thrown at them - Photo: Bogdan / IndieFrame

Protesters in front row hold hands in the air to show they are peaceful - Photo: Bogdan | IndieFrame

Thousands hold smartphone lights against corrupted Government in Timisoara, Romania, 10.08.2018 | Photo: Cornel Putan / IndieFrame


See how the violent clashes looked like in Romania from the videos of IndieFrame reporters on spot:

Cover photo - @Bogdan | IndieFrame thanks to all reporters who used the app and took the risk of reporting during the violent protests in Romania, 10.08.2018 |