Romania expats arrive home before protest against Government [Photos| Video]

by Ioan Pupila 2018-08-10 09:36:29

Romanians who live abroad have begun arriving back home for an anti-government protest where they will call for early elections and the PSD left-wing government to resign. The protest is programmed on Friday, August 10, in Bucharest - Piata Victoriei form 17.00 PM and thousands announced to join Diaspora's initiative.

:: See the IndieFrame video from city of Cluj where expatriates demonstrate before reaching Bucharest ::

Cluj, 09.08.2018 - Photo: Cernucan | IndieFrame

Local residents in western Romania applauded compatriots arriving by car late Wednesday with flags and banners opposing the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD).

Protest against corruption in Cluj, Romania, 03.06.2018 | Photo - Cornel Putan / IndieFrame

Since 2016, Romanians have regularly protested government moves to implement new laws that critics say will weaken the nation’s fight against corruption.

Hundreds of thousands of Romanians have signed a petition demanding a law that would ban people indicted for corruption and other offences from public office [ read the post on IndieFrame]

Romania is the EU state with most residents moving abroad in 2018 (19% of population), followed by Lithuania and Croatia, according to Eurostat.

:: cover photo by Cristian George Cernucan | IndieFrame