EU to ban 10 single-use plastic items [stock photos on IndieFrame]

by Ioan Pupila 2018-05-30 09:53:11

The European Union is proposing a total ban on ten single-use plastic products and fishing gear that account for 70% of litter in EU waters. 

Single-use plastic items such as straws, cutlery, plates, bottles, cotton buds, drink stirrers, balloon sticks in a bid to clean up the oceans. 500,000 tonnes of EU plastic waste end up in the sea every year.

On May 28th, The EU Commission presented the next step in EU’s Plastic Strategy Legislation to reduce single use plastics and boost sustainable alternatives.

Shopping at the supermarket - Photo: Cornel Putan© / IndieFrame [$16 - get rights here]

Europe is tackling the ten most found plastic waste items on continental beaches, in an attempt to promote sustainable alternatives. The 10 listed items are:

  1. Cotton buds
  2. Cutlery, plates, straws and stirrers
  3. Balloons and sticks for balloons
  4. Cups for beverages
  5. Food containers
  6. Cigarette buts
  7. Beverage containers
  8. Plastic bags
  9. Wet wipes and sanitary items
  10. Fishing gear

Fishing gear - Photo by Me© on IndieFrame

Plastic beverage containers at the shore of a lake in Eastern EU - Photo by Ramona August on IndieFrame


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