IndieFrame is blocked in Russia by authorities

by Katja Frutiger 2018-05-29 15:08:37

As our recent survey have shown, the majority of Russian users have troubles in accessing IndieFrame web and apps in Russia. The blocking of IndieFrame in Russia started due to Internet illiterate activities of the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media, called Roskomnadzor (RKN). 

13th of April 2018 Moscow court made a decision to block Telegram messenger service all over Russian Federation, which belongs to Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov, because he refused to give access to private data and messages of Telegram users by the request of Russian authorities. This decision was followed by the wave of demonstrations in many Russian cities where activists expressed their opinions on RKN and its anti-constitutional decision to trace private conversations of Russian citizens. 

Our reporter Sergey Vasiltsov shared on IndieFrame a banner which compares RKN with death who came for Telegram with a sign in Russian saying "Do not even dream about it". 

Shortly after the RKN started to chaise servers of Telegram blocking one after another, it turned out that many Russian and foreigner sites have been blocked, including major online banking sites, tickets booking companies and many others. 

As an indirect result, IndieFrame Russian users have been restricted in using the app and web that allows them to post user generated content from Russia.  

Telegram did not agree with an anti-constitutional decision against it and, in order to avoid being blocked in Russia, they started to use the method called "domain fronting", and thus hiding their services in other company systems. 

Right now it is mainly possible to access IndieFrame in Russia with the use of VPN and Proxy services and it hinders the boarding of new users, who are not familiar with these technologies. IndieFrame contacted RKN by e-mail in order to enable IndieFrame users access in Russia, but so far there is no reply.