Anti-corruption movement photos from Romania published from IndieFrame in Denmark

by Ioan Pupila 2018-05-28 13:17:12

The ongoing #rezist citizen driven anti-corruption movement in Romania has been recently documented and explained to by Magasinet rØST in Denmark with the help of IndieFrame users in Bucharest.

The magazine - who's mission is to cover Eastern European topics and bring closer western readers to relevant information from the former Eastern block - featured 2 photos uploaded on IndieFrame by Ana Maria Gheorghe .

:: you can read the material and see the cover photos here ::

Riot police 'Jandarmeria' preparing to meet the protesters in front of Romanian Government building in Victoria Square, Bucharest, 12.05.2018

Photo: Ana Maria Gheorghe / IndieFrame [get photo rights here]

The article was published the same day the founder on 'Coruptia Ucide' / 'Corruption Kills'  Association, Florin Badita, was awarded 'Personality of the year' for activism by EuroNews.

Florin Badita during flash-mob against corruption - Photo: Alexandru Socol Bsk on IndieFrame

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