Crowd removes anti-royalist message at Danish crown prince anniversary [Video / Photos]

by Ioan Pupila 2018-05-26 14:08:50

Denmark celebrated 50 years anniversary of crown Prince Frederik in Copenhagen at Amalienborg Palace. Thousands awaited for Royal Family salute in the crowded square and sang 'Happy Birthday' to the crown prince.

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Danes at 50 year birthday anniversary of crown Prince Frederik - Photo: H.Riisgaard / IndieFrame 

:: see video with people cheering Danish Royal Family balcony salute 

The Danes sang 'Happy Birthday' to their crown prince and enjoyed monarch apparition at the iconic balcony of the Palace.

Prince Frederick and children at the balcony - Photo: Kiowar/ IndieFrame

An unusual incident was caught on camera during the anniversary event: anti-royalist demonstrators with banners were swiftly censored by the people in the Amalienborg Palace crowds.

The Republican messages, carried by two young people said ''Abolish monarchy - we want to be a republic' / 'Af skaf Kongehuset ung Republik'' and 'Frederik for President'.

Photos - Victor Mann on IndieFrame

After the removal of the anti-royalist messages, the crowd left in the square cheers. See this video for the whole perspective of the minor incident.

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 Cover photo by Hans Riisgaard