Modern farm life in photos & videos on IndieFrame

by Ioan Pupila 2018-05-24 12:41:17

Smartphone reporters content can help organisations and media improve animal living conditions and cover animal abuse topic more easily. On IndieFrame, tens of stories concerning animal rights have already been uploaded (see latest photo-collage story here).

IndieFrame partner agency in Denmark recently launched an assignment to all smartphone reporters concerning the conditions animals live in on farms throughout Europe. 

Pigs living conditions at a farm in Lemvig, Denmark - Photo: gyurinez / IndieFrame

If you have worked on a farm, IndieFrame partner agency is interested in obtaining photo and video materials of what happens to the animals and how they live. Their assignment is primarily interested in material you or someone you know already has recorded, so please get in contact if you know something or can obtain material.  


See more about prices of the materials, security concerns and how to proceed on the assignment page.  


Cover Photo by Dinu Florinel©/ IndieFrame