Speak out when no one else does!

by Lars Brask Frederiksen 2017-09-06 16:18:45

Have a story you feel public opinion should know about and want to see it in the media? 

IndieFrame is the right place for you to share it: our Editorial Team is constantly in contact with local, national and international media, making sure your Photo-Video stories get the deserved attention. 

If you experienced social injustice, discrimination, corruption issues or simply have a cause you feel worth fighting for to change the world around you for the better, send photos and videos related to your subject and use the 'Description' field to tell us more details about the story you experience(d). We'll make your case be heard! 

Use the 'Megaphone' button on IndieFrame to support causes and stories you resonate with. IndieFrame App is available at any time on your Android and iOS smartphone, or via web page if you want to upload from professional camera.