Have you experienced animal abuse on farms?

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IndieFrame has teamed up with an animal rights protection agency to document the conditions animals live in on farms throughout Europe. If you have worked on a farm, we are interested in obtaining photo and video material of what happens to the animals and how they live. We are primarily interested in material you or someone you know already have, but please get in contact if you know something or can obtain material.

Are not fixed, but consider what is reasonable. You set your own price. Our partners wishes to compensate people for documenting and taking risks, but do not get yourself in harms way.

In addition to abuse of animals prohibited by European laws, such as sadistic treatment of animals, practices within the law can also be considered abusive. Animals living in cramped conditions, mass slaughter of animals and baby animals, brutal killing practices such as smashing piglets against the floor, tail docking, castration, dehorning, sick animals left untreated and similar practices.

Create a profile on IndieFrame, upload content to, tag the pictures ‘farmlife’ and set your price. If you have any questions you can contact: Whatsapp/Signal: +4542804664

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