#WallFrame Photos

- $50,- pr. item

Author: Newsroom
Agency: IndieFrame -


Sell your digital photos, framed and printed by IndieFrame! It's super-easy: Upload your own best photos (in a high enough quality for printing in size 70 * 50) to (multiple upload available) or directly from smartphone with Android and iOS Apps, tag #mywallframe in the photo-description and you are automatically registered for the WallFrame system. After upload, your photos have the chance to be bought in physical format by private buyers, companies or media around the world. Note that the printing and frame costs will be supported by IndieFrame. The bidding price starts from $50, but your revenue can grow with each selling. Contact for more details on WallFrame campaign.

Type: Public

Location: Copenhagen Airport, Lufthavnsboulevarden 6, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark

Accepted media: Image

Price per item: $50,-

Created: 10 months ago

Status: Closes: 2 weeks from now