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Our story

IndieFrame was founded in 2016 by Cecilia Valsted and Lars Brask, two experienced documentary film makers on a quest to create a more diverse and democratic news flow in local and international media.

“In a time when the power of the media is rapidly changing and propaganda and alternative facts are spreading, we want to create a more authentic and democratic media image inspired by the people’s perspective.”
We are an independent digital distribution platform that brings the content creator and the media together. With every purchase you earn 80% and keep the rights, while we keep 20% to maintain the open and commercial-free platform. Get discovered by the leading media outlets around the world and be assigned to cover breaking stories. Enjoy the freedom to upload your contents with no limits!

Our mission

Our mission with IndieFrame is twofold:
• We want to create a more authentic and democratic news flow. That’s why we have created a channel for people to share their individual real-life stories and perspectives on life, politics, society, current events, and much more with local and international media and companies.

• User-generated content is used by the media on a daily basis. We believe that content creators should share in the profits from their work, and we want to make it easy for professionals and non-professionals alike to sell their best photos and videos to interested buyers within the principles of a free market.

Our vision

IndieFrame provides instant access to a global database of user-generated content. We create a direct link between the media and independent photographers, video journalists and on-site smartphone reporters. IndieFrame gives the people a voice and bring world events closer to the media. Together we create a more authentic and democratic media image inspired by real-life stories and individual perspectives. Through our website and app we facilitate fast and easy exchanges without troublesome and lengthy negotiations. We make it possible to make better news stories faster and increase fairness by enabling content creators to profit from their work within the principles of a free market.
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Smartphone users

For smartphone users

This is your chance to become a freelance reporter. With IndieFrame you can grab media attention, share your perspectives on current events and shed light on subjects that you feel deserve attention. Or you can simply pursue a passion for photo and video creation and profit by selling it to media, businesses or private users who take an interest in your work.

Media and business

For media and business

IndieFrame provides instant access to newsworthy, inspirational and creative photos and videos at affordable prices. We connect you with smartphone reporters around the world to give you authentic content for news publishing and broadcasting, live reports, in-depth journalism, documentaries and commercial uses. IndieFrame helps you reduce production costs and time consumption - skip lengthy negotiations with freelancers, transcend international borders and be ready to broadcast or publish breaking news stories and ongoing events at record speed. You can even create assignments and request specific content - which will soon include live streaming - from IndieFrame users on location.